Four people enjoying a good night sleep because of their use of Sleep Aids.

The use of a sleep aid medication is becoming part of life in America. More and more people are reporting serious signs of deprivation of sleep. Here are a few stats that prove that aids for sleep are more and more needed and taken by a large majority of people around the world:

  • Forty-eight percent of Americans report insomnia occasionally, while 22 percent experience insomnia almost every night.
  • Women are 1.3 times more likely to report insomnia than men.
  • People over age 65 are 1.5 times more likely to complain of insomnia than younger people.
  • Divorced, widowed and separated people report more insomnia.

The National Highway Safety Administration estimates that driver fatigue causes as many as 1,500 deaths each year and is responsible for an estimated 100,000 traffic accidents a year!

Here is some staggering information. Baby boomers already spend more than $600 million a year on sleep aid medications. This number is expected to grow steadily as they age. That’s not all, take a look at what people suffering from deprivation of sleep costs society and what impacts that all this can have:

  • People with insomnia are four times more likely to suffer from depression than people who have good night sleep.
  • Lack of sleep due to insomnia may contribute to illness, including heart disease.
  • Safety on the job, at home, and on the road may be affected by sleepiness.
  • People with insomnia may miss more time from work or receive fewer promotions.
  • After a poor nights sleep, many people report accomplishing fewer daily tasks and enjoying activities less.

While individual suffering is hard to measure, researchers can estimate specific direct and indirect costs to the United States. Direct costs include dollars spent on sleep medication treatments, healthcare services, hospital and nursing home care services. The most recent annual estimate of the direct costs of deprivation of sleep is nearly $14 billion!

Indirect costs such as work loss, property damage from accidents, and transportation to and from healthcare providers are estimated at double the direct costs - near $28 billion. One conservative report places total costs at up to $35 billion. (A National Sleep Foundation 1997 survey calculated that lost productivity alone from insomnia topped $18 billion!)

Although most people associate sleep aid medication with pills, there are of course many kinds of sleep aids. These include mattresses, beds, pillows, devices, masks, and even music. We will try to provide information on our site about as many sleep aids as possible with links to the best products available.

We will investigate and recommend on the following types or areas of sleep aid medication.

Alternative Therapy
Many people are steering away from sleep aid medications, interested in a more natural approach for getting a good night’s sleep. A big number of these people are reporting back saying that alternative therapy is the way to go. Some of these therapies include:

Woman in Yoga stance – Yoga can be a sleep aid

  • Acupuncture, which has been around for thousands of years, originating in Asia.
  • Meditation comes in many forms and can include relaxation and focus, as well as prayer.
  • Yoga is another one of the sleep aids that works quite well.
  • Visualization has been another favorite of the sleep aids, which allows a person to visualize themselves in another place or situation.
  • Biofeedback can also be used to teach the body’s muscles to relax.

Herbal Supplements
Although there are many different types of herbal supplements now available on the market, the two best sleep aids include valerian and melatonin.

Hot Tea
Over the past 10 years, many North Americans have discovered the many benefits some teas provide.

Another of the sleep aids that works for many people is aromatherapy. Aromas can be a huge stress reliever for many people.

Although we typically do not think of food as being a sleep aid, studies have proven that some foods do in fact promote sleep. I think the best example to give about food is trying to recall how tired you feel after your Thanksgiving turkey. This is because turkey contains L-tryptophan, which is known to cause drowsiness.

As you can see sleep aid medications are an important factor in every aspect of society be it financial or social. The reason for this is because sleep is so important to all living beings. We must sleep and sleep well. In other pages of our site, we will look into more detail the different types of sleep aid medication.

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