Deprivation of Sleep - Sleep Apnea and Other Sleep Disorders

Deprivation of sleep is an important factor in good overall health. This is not an understatement and should not be surprising when you consider that adults sleep on average seven to eight hours in a 24-hour period and children and infants even more. Adults sleep about one third of their life away! Therefore, sleep is one activity that every human participates in and over a person’s lifetime represents one of the most time consuming activities we perform.

Sleep is a Necessity
Sleep is necessary in order for an individual’s physical and mental mechanisms to rest and recover from daily activities. By obtaining good quality sleep and sufficient sleep the body becomes prepared for the next day and is able to function properly and at its optimum. Without the correct amount of sleep, the body and mind begin to break down and not function at their best. Good sleep, restful sleep, and sufficient sleep, allow individuals to enjoy the hours they are awake and enjoy them with energy and good health. Proper sleep also helps the body recover from illness or injury much faster. There are many other reasons why sleep is important.

Lack of Sleep is a Common and Serious Problem
Unfortunately, for many, the deprivation of sleep is a serious problem. How do you know that you have sleep deprivation? There are several classic sleep deprivation symptoms that individuals should be aware of and these range from something simple such as yawning to something more complex such as unexplained illnesses.

Sleep Disorders are Responsible for Sleep Deprivation
Why does sleep deprivation occur? A number of factors are responsible. Sleep apnea (sometimes spelled sleep apnia) is a reason why people do not get enough sleep. Sleep apnea is one of the fastest growing sleep disorders being experienced by individuals nowadays. There are many other sleep disorders as well that may affect a good nights sleep. Visit this sleep disorders page for more information.

Getting Proper Sleep
Getting a proper night’s sleep is not just about how much time you sleep but the quality of the sleep. Both quantity and quality play a role. For some lucky individuals, quality sleep comes naturally. For others, sleeping properly may be a nightly struggle. These individuals often turn to sleep aids.

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